The scholarship finder widget is great value-add to your advisor website and/or your Premium CFS-provided college planning website.

Test it out and see how it works and how it motivates a prospect to contact you to obtain their custom scholarship report to learn how to obtain them!

Quick Facts about CFS' exclusive scholarship finder widget
  1. 1,600 + schools represented
  2. 8,000 + scholarship programs
  3. $9,000 per year AVERAGE scholarship value
  4. Almost ALL are renewable for four years
Over 800 man hours/year are required to update and maintain this exclusive database. Much of the actionable information that families need to know in order to qualify for the scholarships is NOT readily available (deadlines, ancillary requirements, additional qualification criteria, etc.).

Many families miss out on scholarships because they didn't have all the vitally important information they needed to apply for and obtain the scholarship. This exclusive scholarship report solves that problem!

Example of how the scholarship finder can be added into your advisor website: